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12 Important Life Lessons People Learn Too Late in Their Lives

Lessons in Life can be incredibly wise, because it is often difficult to learn them. Growing teaches us many important life lessons. Valuable life lessons are a wonderful gift, but they don’t really arrive wrapped in shiny red bows. Tragedy sometimes brings us wisdom. Joy sometimes does. Many other times, when we expect it the least, we are stumbling upon a life-changing lesson. Lessons of life are worth cherishing and invaluable, regardless of how they come our way. See them as the guide of living unapologetically, without limits.


1. Do Looks Really Matter?

As humans we appreciate our physical appearance. We are usually attracted to people who are physically attractive or who attract our attention for some reason. Those who aren’t physically attractive have difficulty finding employers and jobs. We often think that those who don’t have good physical appearance are suggestively less than wanted or assume that they are stupid, lazy or incompetent, even when we do not realize we judge them that way.

This does not mean it is a wise way of thinking. An individual’s appearance cannot be identified with their character or ability. Having a couple of additional pounds does not necessarily mean that someone is lazy, while not having such a beautiful face does not mean that they are stupid or incapable.


2. Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need

Buying only the things you need means less cleaning, less organizing and less financial costs. It offers freedom, clarity and new opportunities. Buying stuff you don’t need deliberately relates to less free time, space and energy – resources standing in favor of our greatest passions in life.

Non-essential possessions may start to accumulate and require our time, energy and our precious money. It’s good to buy things you do not need to a certain extent. However, you have to decide in advance what is important to you and what’s not. It’s advisable to create a list of sensible purchases and unnecessary items you can go without.


3. Life Is Too Short Not To Enjoy It

Life is way too short to not have fun with everyday problems. And although the challenges ahead can be difficult, we should all think about this every morning: “Life is way too short“.

We frequently waste our days looking for things that are less important than ourselves. Everyone in this world has problems. There is something you can thank everyone for in this world as well. And you will always face both at exactly the same moment. It may be so difficult to maintain a positive perspective, but we must all strive to concentrate on the positive aspects. Life is short enough not to be happy.


4. Save for Things That Matter

All of us have a good intention when it pertains to saving cash, don’t we? We say when we reach that milestone, when we reach the right age, when we grow up or when our children move out, we will start saving. Indeed, it is only when you generate a healthy cash flow habits and when the future becomes more crucial than your current needs that you will save money. Don’t worry, it is not that overwhelming. By changing your spending priorities you can start saving money right now.


5. No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness but You

No one is responsible for your happiness; however you may have relied on someone else too many times to make you happy. Sometimes, yes, this can happen, however through most of the time, no, it doesn’t.

Who can blame others? Even if we are crazy about them, still who can blame others for not fulfilling our expectations and make us happy. The thing most individuals don’t want to admit is that we are responsible for our own happiness.

Nobody was put on this planet to make others happy. Even if we want others and ourselves to be happy, making anyone happy is not their or our responsibility.


6. Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously. No One Else Does

Life will throw bullets at us (the best way to find a job, that blind date which turned into the hardest 2 hours of your life, or that much needed job interview), so if you cannot find humor in your life in a less positive situation, you will spend much of life in poverty.

We will all do pretty embarrassing, stupid and ridiculous things in our lives, which is why it is extremely vital to give ourselves kindness when these things occur rather than beat them. There are obviously things that must be taken seriously in life, but there is nothing healthy or positive about taking life so dramatically serious, so that for you, every molehill becomes a mountain.


7. Time Heals Almost Everything. Give Time

How often have people attempted to reassure us with the quote “Healing Takes Time”? You know you have heard it a lot. And the one thing you always relate to…“How long? How long will it take?”

Yes, this is a lesson about patience. In that lesson we should learn we can “hurry to heal our wounds, hearts, or minds”, but in the end it takes some time. Time is not limited to reading and estimating. It is an instrument for changing the future that has been created in our present and influenced in our past.


8. You Don’t Have To Win Every Argument. Stay True To Yourself

The truth is, you’ll never agree with everybody. This can sometimes be frustrating and sometimes beautiful. Sometimes you can actually open your eyes with a different perspective, especially as we humans tend to see the tunnel of what we want to see.

Disputes are inevitably part of your life and relationships – simply because you know you’re right doesn’t mean everybody feels the same. Even though it may be difficult to suppress the desire to shout your point, it may be worth considering different, more efficient tactics, as this does not contribute to aggravating the situation.


9. However Good or Bad A Situation Is, It Will Change

When, why and how situations change is important, in order to understand the dynamic processes of personality, but the subject of changing circumstances is traditionally a delicate one in personality/social psychology.

You will be surprised to learn that most of changes you want to see are within your reach, and frequently your instant reach, as they will change depending on whether you make the situation good or bad.

It’s wise to understand the world is also constantly changing – it has always changed and will always change. What’s more, rampant moments of human history seem to unite all of the forces of changes to create a change that defines a certain time and even epoch.

This is what we find by studying history and even naming the times that help us remember and mark its meaning: the Renaissance, the Epochs of Illumination, the Industrial Revolution, the Reformation, and all others.


10. Everyone Has His Or Her Own Agenda

Everyone has an agenda (and motives) and others’ agenda is rarely the same as yours. Of course, you can essentially achieve the same final results or join the same teams with the same goal, but you will probably have different views about what you would like to do or how to do it.
This does not mean that someone else’s agenda in life is bad or they’re using you to achieve something, but simply that you need to know each other’s wishes, needs, and anticipations so that the disclosure is complete and no one feels angry.


11. Make Peace With Your Past So It Won’t Screw Up The Present

Who has never heard this cliche in some form before? “Learning from the past, living in the present, looking into the future. You must give up the life you’ve planned to live well in the present and the future,” “yesterday was past, tomorrow is future, and today is present, which is why you call it Now”, or “Do not worry for the people of your past, they are there for a reason”.

We should not accept to live in negative feelings of the past. Anger is nothing but a sign of pain, guilt, fear, grief or aggravation on the outside. Although pain never completely disappears, forgiveness may help you release the anger and bring the people around you closer to your life.


12. What Other People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business

Your business is not what others think about you. It is their business. There is no point to waste your time to think of what they think about you. This is only time and energy waste and only makes you suffer.

It’s not about letting others know you more, it’s about accepting it’s their business what they think of you. This is what counts. The way people see you, is saying a lot more about them, than about you.

People perceive you based on their own filters and packaging. Do not take it personally. Sometimes we stop being ourselves or give up many of our goals in life because we are afraid of being judged by what people think or say. We need to learn to let go.


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