Skills Should Not Be Taught in School

6 Life Skills Should Not Be Taught in School

Formal learning can give you knowledge about a lot of things. But the most needed skills you have to learn on your own. It is because these common but important skills are not being taught at any school.

There are a lot of things which are being taught by the boundary of a school. But it is a big responsibility of the parents to teach the basic life skills to their children apart from the academic skills.


Life Skills Should Not Be Taught in School:

Following are some skills you can’t learn at school but are must to learn for you:

  1. Money Making Skills
  2. Basic Communication Skills
  3. Self-Improvement Skills
  4. Time Management Skills
  5. Negotiation Skills
  6. Survival Skills


1. Money Making Skills

At schools, you may be taught about accounting and finance but how to make savings is a thing that you can’t learn at school. Teachers never try to emphasize the importance of money management skills.

It is really important for you to get an idea about how you can save your money, how to manage your budget, how to invest in the companies to get more benefits. It is because these are some key factors to focus on finance.


2. Basic Communication Skills

To learn basic communication skills is one of the most important things that you have to focus on. It is because, if you are going to have better communication skills then you will be able to engage or connect more people with ease.

The ability to communicate with others in a proper way can affect almost every aspect of your life.


3. Time Management Skills

Time management skill is one of the most important things you can’t learn in school. Most of us do not focus on time management skills and suffer from different problems in their professional lives. According to my opinion, time management skill is one of the most critical skills to learn.

Time never stops for anyone. And unfortunately, the ones who do not understand the importance of time are unable to get success in their lives.


4. Survival Skills

Survival Skills are one of the essential skills you can’t learn in school. It is because in our educational systems we never focus on the importance of basic survival skills that students must learn.

Basic survival skills such as swimming, CRP, how to light a fire, first aid, how to read a compass, how to make smoke signals, how to read topography, how to change the tire of a car are some skills that can help anyone to get rid of any uncertain situation. It is because at any time when you or your surrounded people need help these survival skills can be self-sufficient to get rid of that tough situation. But this is the knowledge which most of us lack.


5. Negotiation Skills

Unless you are going to join a debate team, you may never learn the art of negotiation. Negotiation skills are something that every one of us will need to have at some stage of our lives. It can be a negotiation with the bank, spouse or a boss. Most importantly as a sales person if you will not have the required negotiation skills it will get hard for you to convince the customers to pay their price for the product. If you have excellent negotiation skills you can make everyone support you in your cause.


6. Self-Improvement Skills

Although self-improvement is a lifelong process to learn. But it is the best way for you to assess your qualities or skills and will make you able to consider on your life aims and set your goals to achieve something.



Memorizing bookish material and having no knowledge of real-world material can lead your child to failure. It is because without having the idea of what’s going around there is not a better thing.