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35 Mark Manson Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Mark Manson has graduated studies at the University of Boston in 2007 and was born in Austin, Texas, USA. That same year, he began to coach men informally, taking them to local bars to help them get to know attractive women and approach them better.

Shortly after that, Mark established a men’s dating consultancy company and from 2008 to 2012 served as a dating consultant full-time. His first self-published book in 2011 was “Models: Attract Women through Honesty”. It was revised in the year 2012 and again later in 2015.

Mark left dating consulting in 2013 and now writes for both sexes on an extensive range of subjects.

Mark Manson is one of the best-selling American self-help bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs. New York Times best-seller “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” has been written by him. He is also Infinity Squared Media LLC’s CEO and founder.

We’ve assembled this awesome collection of 35 Mark Manson quotes that will inspire you to change your life and ultimately follow your dreams.


Mark Manson Quotes:

1. “Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a fuck about what’s truly fuckworthy. As” – Mark Manson

2. “Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.” – Mark Manson

3. “Life is essentially an endless series of problems. The solution to one problem is merely the creation of another.” – Mark Manson

4. “This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes.” – Mark Manson

5. “If you want to change how you see your problems, you have to change what you value and/or how you measure failure/success.” – Mark Manson

6. “The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.” – Mark Manson

7. “Don’t hope for a life without problems,” the panda said. “There’s no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.” – Mark Manson

8. “Being wrong opens us up to the possibility of change. Being wrong brings the opportunity for growth.” – Mark Manson

9. “You cannot be a powerful and life-changing presence to some people without being a joke or an embarrassment to others.” – Mark Manson

10. “Challenge yourself to find the good and beautiful thing inside of everyone. It’s there. It’s your job to find it. Not their job to show you.” – Mark Manson

11. “Decision-making based on emotional intuition, without the aid of reason to keep it in line, pretty much always sucks. You know who bases their entire lives on their emotions? Three-year-old kids. And dogs. You know what else three-year-olds and dogs do? Shit on the carpet. An” – Mark Manson

12. “Romeo and Juliet is synonymous with “romance” in our culture today. It is seen as the love story in English-speaking culture, an emotional ideal to live up to. Yet when you really get down to what happens in the story, these kids are absolutely out of their fucking minds. And they just killed themselves to prove it!” – Mark Manson

13. “No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of shit waiting for you. And that’s perfectly fine. The point isn’t to get away from the shit. The point is to find the shit you enjoy dealing with.” – Mark Manson

14. “If you want to change how you see your problems, you have to change what you value and/or how you measure failure/success.” – Mark Manson

15. “We’re apes. We think we’re all sophisticated with our toaster ovens and designer footwear, but we’re just a bunch of finely ornamented apes.” – Mark Manson

16. “Don’t hope for a life without problems,” the panda said. “There’s no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.” – Mark Manson

17. “Self-awareness is like an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you’re going to start crying at inappropriate time.” – Mark Manson

18. “Side Note: As a rule, people who are terrified of what others think about them are actually terrified of all the shitty things they think about themselves being reflected back at them.” – Mark Manson

19. “Happiness is a constant work-in-progress, because solving problems is a constant work-in-progress—the solutions to today’s problems will lay the foundation for tomorrow’s problems, and so on. True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving. Sometimes” – Mark Manson

20. “The person you marry is the person you fight with. The house you buy is the house you repair. The dream job you take is the job you stress over. Everything comes with an inherent sacrifice—whatever makes us feel good will also inevitably make us feel bad. What we gain is also what we lose. What creates our positive experiences will define our negative experiences.” – Mark Manson

21. “Yet, in a bizarre, backwards way, death is the light by which the shadow of all of life’s meaning is measured. Without death, everything would feel inconsequential, all experience arbitrary, all metrics and values suddenly zero.” – Mark Manson

22. “We all love to take responsibility for success and happiness. Hell, we often fight over who gets to be responsible for success and happiness. But taking responsibility for our problems is far more important, because that’s where the real learning comes from. That’s where the real-life improvement comes from. To” – Mark Manson

23. “I say don’t find yourself. I say never know who you are. Because that’s what keeps you striving and discovering. And it forces you to remain humble in your judgments and accepting of the differences in others.” – Mark Manson

24. “One of those realizations was this: that life itself is a form of suffering. The rich suffer because of their riches. The poor suffer because of their poverty.” – Mark Manson

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25. “The fact is, people who base their self-worth on being right about everything prevent themselves from learning from their mistakes. They lack the ability to take on new perspectives and empathize with others. They close themselves off to new and important information.” – Mark Manson

26. “Problems never stop; they merely get exchanged and/or upgraded.” – Mark Manson

27. “We are actually often happier with less. When we’re overloaded with opportunities and options, we suffer from what psychologists refer to as the paradox of choice.” – Mark Manson

28. “The more you desperately want to be rich, the more poor and unworthy you feel, regardless of how much money you actually make.” – Mark Manson

29. “Self-Improvement and success often occur together. But that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing.” – Mark Manson

30. “Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity, and deciding that something else is more important.” – Mark Manson

31. “Don’t just sit there. Do something. The answers will follow.” – Mark Manson

32. “What most people don’t understand is that passion is the result of action, not the cause of it.” – Mark Manson

33. “If pursuing the positive is a negative, then pursuing the negative generates the positive. The pain you pursue in the gym results in better all-around health and energy. The failures in business are what lead to a better understanding of what’s necessary to be successful.” – Mark Manson

34. “It turns out that adversity and failure are actually useful and even necessary for developing strong-minded and successful adults.” – Mark Manson

35.  “You can’t build a better mind without challenging your own beliefs and assumptions.” – Mark Manson



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