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24 Clever Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep

In 2019, it can be difficult to see what we should pursue with so many ideas for online business. You should create a business that is not only productive today but also works for you in the long run. You will probably notice that many of the listed business ideas on our list have gained recent popularity. Sometimes following new trends can be rather risky; on the other hand, it may be extremely rewarding.

No magic trick turns your time into money directly. Instead, your planted seeds for money to grow can produce the expected results for you even while you sleep.

If you want to generate a lifelong passive income, let’s be honest, you must reach to the point in which your assets will bring you back your investments with an interest. But first, one or all of these things must be invested: money, time and effort.

Your initial downtimes assigned passive income might be as complex as running blogs on the Internet or as easy as connecting to a Robo-Advisor Investor Platform to invest $100. Whether you are an investor with a bright business plan, someone just seeking for extra money investment strategies, or a talented musician/artist, you can start earning a passive income today.

Many passive income ideas on our list have been popular for long, making them more competitive and less risky. Welcome to our list of 24 Clever Passive Income Ideas that will help you make money while you sleep:


1. Star a Blog

How to Star a Blog

Blogging is an amazing and intimidating experience, especially at first. In short, people will read – and also share – a blog post you have written. Blogging offers a feeling like no other to be described. But not all about it is butterflies and rainbows.

Starting a blog is difficult and can be very challenging. You do not just have to create a blog and wait for it to earn your money on auto-pilot. Rather, you must develop content that educates and entertains people in a consistent manner. In other words, their interest must somehow be captured. The start requires a well-crafted blog and great content. You will also need to spend time for promotion, particularly when you try to attract readers to your blog.

Once published, you should also promote your blog on multiple networks. Prepare to work hard. It can take months to establish a stable foundation, especially if you choose to run a blog in an overcrowded niche.

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The Helping Hand of Grammarly for Blogging

Do not think that blogging is as easy to do as it sounds. You will need all the time and energy to write, rewrite, edit, make a research, create images, etc. Authors and independent bloggers know how important it is to check their work and content for errors. Writing has many aspects, including writing creative content, using figurative language, organizing thoughts, and checking grammar.

Other than being known as the mechanical aspect of writing, today authors use grammar to improve the content and readability of their texts and communication. For this purpose, Grammarly has become the best friend of the blogger and freelance writers to help create even more content than originally planned.


Blogging on a Free Platform vs Hosting Your Own Blog

Most companies and advertisers tend to avoid websites because they do not see it as a professional self-hosted WordPress blog, which is another important reason to have your own hosting and domain for your blog. For this purpose, Bluehost is very efficient to host your own WordPress blogs, at a lower cost and with maximum benefits.

In addition, you can use Bluehost to display your own ads, affiliate links, direct ads, and more. Blogging on and other free blogging platforms can usually be very difficult to make you money and often does not work at all. Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies that will continue to have proven records in 2019.

WordPress itself recommends Bluehost in terms of reliability and popularity. It also offers extremely cheap hosting with a free domain name.


2. Affiliate Marketing

how to earn money from affiliate marketing

In its essence, Affiliate marketing is commission-based referral marketing. You are paid every time a new client is referred by you as an affiliate. For instance, if you are promoting a book on Amazon that people can buy using your affiliate link, the company pays you a percentage of each sale.

Today, there are different affiliate program types. Most of them pay their affiliates a fixed rate or a percentage. Some of the most popular Affiliate Programs are Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Action Affiliate. For instance, if you ask someone to register for a commercial trial, the company pays you for each sign-up.

Other programs pay for each click (mostly seen in contextual ad platforms like Google AdSense) or impression-based (for every time an ad is displayed on your website/blog). A number of programs pay you for what is referred to as a two-tier affiliate program based on other affiliate marketers results.

Home-based affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to make a passive income in 2019. Although a blog or a website is used by the most successful markets, you do not necessarily need one to be an affiliate; however it’s an extra benefit.


3. Start Youtube Channel

youtube channel passive income

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. Billions of searches happen on YouTube all the time. With good ideas for a YouTube channel, you may start making money as we speak. The choice of a channel niche idea for each successful channel on YouTube is a very important step. Obviously the success of your YouTube channel varies according to the niche selected and keywords used.

Yet, you can actually get millions of YouTube views if you use high traffic niches and keywords. You have to choose the topic you want and upload your videos to the same category and niche – that’s the best strategy for successful YouTubers.

An important thing to remember is there is a lot of effort involved in starting a successful YouTube channel. You do not just write scripts, produce and edit videos but also find the subject you love and ensure they resonate with people.


4. Shopify

shopify store

Shopify is today’s leading e-commerce platform. It is designed to help users build a scalable e-commerce store that has tons of applications and hundreds of features.

You can also directly sell products on your internet site, on several markets and on social media. It offers you a broad collection of templates which may be personalized to meet the branding needs of each brand and sell physical or digital products.

One of Shopify’s main concepts is users with few technical or design abilities can have their own stores created without the help of design agencies or web developers. At the same time, those who are acquainted with HTML or CSS will find that Shopify enables them to easily edit both, presenting significant control over design.

Because Shopify offers a hosting solution by itself, you do not have to worry about shopping for website hosting or installing anything at all; the idea is, virtually all you need to create and manage your shop goes “out of the box.”


5. Write an Ebook

Have you considered the opportunity of writing eBooks to make a living? Have you ever thought about writing an eBook and making money as an alternative for serious online business?

Whether you are an author or not, the times when you needed a physical book to feed your reading curiosity have ended. Today, we combine technology and mobility into a full e-book or digital book library on our mobile devices that can be navigated anywhere, anytime.

With progressively more e-book readers, the e-book writing industry proved to be a cost-effective way of generating passive revenues for writers from book sales (and even for outsourcing non-writers). Year after year, this passive income business model offers new writing and publishing opportunities.


6. Drop-Shipping Online Business

How to start dropshipping store

Dropshipping is a truly exciting business model, which involves almost minimal costs for startups. The Dropshipping business is indeed a business wherein a trader or seller finds customer desired products suppliers on the market and sells them.

However, it has no inventory and it does not have to be stored before customers place orders. The third party usually handles the logistics and transport in the best interests of the seller through a wholesale or drop shipping supplier. With gradually more people whose purpose is to adapt the dropshipping business model to the traditional retail market, where they store the inventory before it is sold, shipping opportunities are endless.

The seller’s only task is to find a reliable, high-quality supplier that can be relied upon for sales growth and marketing. The dropshipping service provider is responsible for all other tasks until the product is delivered to the end user.


7. Create a Course online courses

Creating a course is becoming a vital part of our world in terms of online training and learning. The creation and sale of online courses can therefore be extremely profitable and many professionals in this field today earn 6 and 7 figure passive incomes. Joining the growing eLearning industry is one of the smartest business investments anyone can make.

Create a Course on Udemy:

Udemy lets subject matter experts easily and simply assemble PowerPoint slides, PDFs and content like YouTube videos in a consistent classroom course experience. You are able to publish your masterpieces on the Udemy market and use its tools to promote them. Udemy is offered to instructors-if the company sells your course, it earns money by charging 50% of the price. You keep 97% if you sell the course on your own (Udemy charges a transaction fee of 3%).

Create a Course On Teachable:

Teachable offers a simple and user-friendly platform. The interface of Teachable is clean so your students will find it easy to access and browse your courses. One of its greatest strengths lies within the opportunity to create video courses. Teachable shines with simple tools that support sales courses such as personalized sales, Thank You and payment pages as well.


8. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

2019 will be remembered as the year when the world has awakened, with every eye riveting on an investment in cryptocurrency. Suddenly, businesses, investors and startups are rushing to create their own cryptocurrency business.

The increase of the ICOs and the cost of cryptocurrencies reflect on the trust of this ecosystem with a growth of a hockey stick. An exchange of cryptocurrencies enables everyone to exchange or sell their cryptocurrencies transparently in other cryptocurrencies and convert it into EUR, USD, AUD, or INR fiat currency.

Crypto-currencies users want to multiply, trade, and sell them to others. As a result of the recent awareness on cryptocurrency earning potential, people want to buy more and more while existing exchanges cannot manage this demand scale. There is therefore scope for additional exchanges and investments.


9. Selling Stock Photos

best place to sell stock photos

You can effortlessly earn extra money (or even launch a whole new career) as a photographer if you are familiar with the top photography selling websites online.

Different skill level photographers are currently more than ever before sought after for their art work. Virtually all artists, from small through medium to big businesses, graphic designers, bloggers, publishers, and marketers regularly buy photos to use them in their work.


For more than 15 years, Shutterstock is known as probably the most popular website for stock photography. They have not only millions of pictures, but also videos, music tracks and particularly millions of buyers.

According to the Shutterstock website, over 500 million dollars have been paid to their contributors. As a professional or amateur photographer, you can make a lot of money if you sell your photos on their market, especially in the long term.

In addition, Shutterstock lets you retain your photo copyrights, meaning you are always in control. They also give credit to photography owners, which is an enormous advantage when you try to establish a creative brand. Shutterstock contributors can earn between 20% and 30% depending on the number of customers downloading your content, paid at every month’s end.


Whether you’re using a high-end DSLR photo camera or the most recent smart phone release, 500px is worth a check. You can monetize and license your photography in their growing community of more than 13 million members, even if you subscribe to their free subscription alone. You’ll be happy to learn that starting with 500px is just as simple as opening your Gmail. You can immediately upload and share your work to earn money, right after you’ve created your account with them!

Adobe Stock:

Adobe Stock is a market leader for about a decade. Not only is it credible as the creator of the best photo editor software ever released, but all the pictures downloaded to the market in various Adobe products are easily accessible. This enhances your work’s visibility because your stock photography can be easily accessed through Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator.


10. Dividend Income

dividend income

The Internet offers numerous opportunities for investors seeking dividend payments. In terms of dividend income, most companies provide pre-selected stock lists or self-guided stock selection tools based on a dividend yield. Before considering dividend investment, you should know that companies will never promise dividends so, as an investor, you carry a market risk because stock prices may raise or fall.

If you are searching for low cost brokerages, you may check Ally Invest and M1 Finance offers. While not very expensive, they offer decent services on investment.


Ally offers investors stocks, ETF, closed end funds, mutual funds, options, currencies and bonds to its customers. The broker recently stopped its futures trading services. It always provides access to trading of penny stocks and OTC securities.

M1 Finance:

M1 Finance is focused on Pie investments. A Pie represents ETF’s and stocks created by the brokerage company or the customer. Pie investments comprise whole-dollar amounts with possibility of fractional shares. Even one stock can comprise a single Pie.


11. Peer To Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer or P2P lending allows individuals to directly receive loans from other people, cutting the financial institution off as an intermediary. The adoption of sites that simplify P2P loans has been significantly increased as an alternative financing method. P2P lending has only been around since 2005, yet the competitor crowd already includes Lending Club, Prosper, StreetShares Upstart, and Peerform. Peer-to-Peer lending is also referred to as crowd lending or social lending.

Lending Club:

Today, you can point out the Lending Club-and for a good reason-when thinking about peer to peer investments. They have loaned more than $35 billion and were the first ever peer lending company to be publicly traded in 2014. Business loans offer 1-to 5-year return policies and a fixed rate of interest. Their initial charges vary between 1,99 percent and 8,99 percent and there are no early loan payment penalties. Even an initial investment of only $1,000 is going to get you on the spot as an investor.


Prosper is a lending platform for P2P (peer-to-peer) loans. On-site investors can invest even $25 in private loans. All on-site personal loans are unsecured fixed interest – rate loans. Prosper uses a credit classification system to calculate AA to F loans. AA has the lowest yield and the least chance of being defaulted. F loans offer the highest return, but most of them are defaulting. A typical investor, historically, earns with a long-term investment in Prosper loans, a return of 3.5%-10.1%.


12. CrowdFunded Real Estate

Online Real estate business

Crowdfunded Real Estate and the market of real estate itself fit naturally. In a nutshell, crowdfunding uses the convenience of social websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for large networks of friends, families and colleagues to learn about the opportunity and attract more investors.


RealtyShares is a web-based, real estate investment platform. It brings together buyers, investors and sponsors and makes all deals and transactions executable on their website. In contrast to larger investment platforms available online, RealtyShares focuses not only on big commercial buildings and business investments but also on small businesses that include one-family houses, group real estate property, or an investment in only one particular property.


If you have settled on real estate investments, PeerStreet could offer the solution you need, especially if you are a passive income investor.

PeerStreet offers crowdfunding in real estate, however not in the traditional way. When investors “pool” their invested money into financing real estate deals, they do not do it through direct investments. Contrary, the platform is working as the “middle man” in this process. The average profit of investors in short – term Moderate LTV (moderate risk) loans is 6%-9%, according to PeerStreet. On PeerStreet, you do not invest in equity, but in debt.


13 Rental Property

rental property

Rental property is an investment property, the owner of which, in exchange for its occupation or use, receives weekly/monthly/yearly payments from the occupant, known as a tenant. Rental properties can be commercial or residential. The real estate business has created many of the richest people in the world. Therefore, there are many reasons to think an investment in rental properties in 2019 is still a smart decision.


Roofstock is known as the first online community and marketplace that invests exclusively in rental single-family homes generating a cash flow at the first day of the deal.

It is responsible for leasing, financing, and insurance, in addition to property and asset management. Investors can acquire shares of single family properties for an initial investment of only $5.000. Roofstock reports that returns could take the form of possible dividends, price appreciation and property ownership tax benefits.


14 Buy Online Business

online business for sale

Being a business investor, you can start a business online from scratch. You can find your niche, create a website and build an email list. You can write articles, blogs and other content. This however takes time to make you money and make profit for your online business. The alternative is buying an existing already-established online business.


In 2019, Flippa is the largest online business buying and selling market. To date, the company has around 1.8, 000, 000 active registrations and has over $200 million in total revenue. Flippa lets its users sell/buy new and established online businesses. It also has filters that can help you shortlist sites according to their traffic, income, category, etc.

Flippa can also offer you some of the cheapest business acquisition deals, with established websites sold for less than $1,000.

This is great for new businesses and investors interested in small investments. Like in any other investment, potential scams and frauds must be carefully inspected. If something looks to be too good in your eyes to be true, it most probably is.


15. Rent Your Home

rent your home

Renting your home rather than selling it can let you pay off a mortgage and keep your home as its property value increases. This can become a great investment in the long term. You must determine the rent to be charged, choose potential tenants, and invest hard work and some money to guarantee the functionality and safety of your home.

Rent Your Home at Airbnb:

Airbnb connects tenants to places to stay all over the world. The Airbnb community is run by hosts, who offer their guests the great opportunity of travelling like a local. You can make money by sharing your home with anyone around the world if you have extra rooms or a whole renting house. You decide when you host your home.

Renting your property at Airbnb is the task at hand, but with this company this is not the only way to make money. Many additional services can also be added to your listing to increase the profits you make for each reservation.


16. Sell You Design on Etsy

what is etsy

Etsy is a marketplace designed specifically for the company’s artisans and craft workers. Etsy’s target objective is “enabling people make a living through items created and marketers reconnected to customers.”

The assortment of products ranges from manufactured coffee cups to photo prints and all that’s in between. While the products vary widely and come from various people around the world, a quick look of Etsy will show that many products still have a remarkably consistent brand sense.

Etsy is today known as the most popular artisan retail website and offers a customer reach for millions of people who find it hard to reach a customer base on their own globally. The website presents an opportunity to all sellers, as it is quite reasonably priced: you can register a product for 4 months or until a sale occurs, at a cost of USD 0.20 and an additional 5 percent commission fee (plus VAT) on every purchase.


17. Licensing Music

licensing music for commercial use

The music licensing business will show you all you have to know so you can start making money from your songs. You can get familiar with the industry and take the first step in increasing your music revenue, while in 2019 it’s also possible to earn a living from this opportunity.

If you know how to start, you can generate a serious profit with your music. You can license your music in TV shows, advertisements and trailers. You can create a passive income stream through each music license, especially if you produce high-quality songs and you happen to be a hard worker.

And if you continue to improve the quality of your production, you can generate even more revenue. Many companies/people might want to get a license of your music (while the copyright is retained to you) and then use your tracks for a variety of purposes.

How Does it Work?

Just like obtaining a product license you can write music and offer others to use it in exchange for a license fee. You can generate passive income that may supplement or even replace your existing income, especially if your songs get licensed for movies and TV shows.

Obviously the way to invest in this opportunity is hiring a musician who can write music for you, then promote it for licensing.


18. Robo-Investing

betterment robo advisor

The popularity of Robo Investing has increased as people look for automated, simple investment options. Robotic advisors help you create a personalized, diversified portfolio in only a few minutes. They also provide you with access to previously reserved wealth management services for the wealthy, such as a tax loss recovery and certified financial planners.

For these and similar reasons automated robo advisors are progressively attracting the attention of investors.

Investing on Betterment:

Betterment’s target-oriented tools, useful tax strategies and cost-efficiency, in addition to human advice access present an interest to all types of investors. With Betterment all your investment experiences take place online.

A portfolio algorithm is calculated based on an investor’s objectives and preferences.

Betterment builds portfolios by investing into ETFs in wide-ranging market sectors. It uses ETFs as they are cheap and efficient in terms of taxation. Because everything happens through computers, investment management can be offered at very low prices. This makes it profitable to any investor.

Most financial advisers on human resources will not even start a talk with you if you don’t have at least $ 500,000 in assets. However, with Betterment you can invest even $1. If you are new to the world of investments, or don’t have so much money, Betterment might be the ideal solution for your investment needs.


19. Corporate Bonds

corporate bonds advantage

Corporate bonds are very simple to understand as a concept: companies issue bonds to finance their businesses. A company basically has two ways of raising money: either through selling stock issuing shares or issuing bonds. Buying corporate bonds, you lend your money in return for interest payments from the company you invested in.

The company can use your money to build a new factory, change capitalization structures to generate more equity returns, invest in product development, acquire competitors, refinance old debts, or a number of other investments Management and the Directors Board consider useful.

Corporate bonds generally outperform similar investments in fixed income, such as CDs and treasuries (or treasury bonds). Investing in corporate bonds can also provide consistent and predictable revenues and offer you varied diversification options, being relatively easy for the secondary market to buy and sell.


20. Audiobooks

audiobook business

Self-publishing already revolutionized the traditional book industry many years ago. The audio book industry, the fastest growing publishing format, is now taken over by new audio book publishers.

Audio books are not only published by major publishers but also by small companies. Audio book companies today publish their own work in an audio format, publications by other publishers or public domain projects.

If you love books, you will definitely enjoy running an audio book company. This business makes people’s favorite books even more accessible by introducing them into a suitable format that can be within the reach of listeners at any time, even while driving or carrying out other tasks.

The audio book market grows progressively more with smart devices proliferation which can stream audio anytime, anywhere. Most people read from time to time, while more and more people prefer to listen to audio books. Producing and selling audio books, such companies make a lot of money in 2019. If you run an audio book business, you can earn a flat fee, a royalty for every book sold, or both.


21. Website Template

themeforest wordpress

The “web design templates” business has only been around for over a decade, yet hundreds and thousands of web designers are selling their designs over the Internet, earning between $500 and $30,000 per month. It’s a good way of making money while the industry grows progressively, with every month more and more people joining in.


Themeforest is an enormous marketplace for multiple types of website templates. Static templates for various content management systems are included in the company’s offers as well. The WordPress Themeforest part of the website is not surprisingly the most popular and the largest one.

As an important and popular part of marketing, the great traffic that flows for commercial website templates is the first noticeable benefit every designer who would like to use to their advantage. It is known as the best platform for selling WordPress themes.

ThemeForest makes it easy to sell your WordPress themes by managing everything for you, except creating the website template (the product) itself. On Themeforest you receive a commission when someone buys one of your templates. Your digital file distribution is also managed. While this is all possible to do on your own, of course, it saves you a lot of time and effort, particularly when you are getting started.


22. Sell T-Shirts

best site to sell tshirts

Whatever your niche may be, one of the big advantages of the t-shirt industry is it offers an equal opportunity for every business. It doesn’t take long to begin, and the way to go is all up to you.

Indeed, with the growth of the home-based and dropshipping businesses, you can create your own T-shirt store without investing a lot of money. The entry barrier is drastically cut in 2019 and everyone who decides to take their time and create an online T-shirt brand can generate a passive income.

Amazon Merch Store:

Amazon Merch Store offers an on-demand T-shirts printing service, which allows you, without the purchase of an inventory, shipping or dealing with customer service, to run a T-shirt online business.

Merch by Amazon was established in 2015 and is the right place for artists, designers and entrepreneurs who are looking for money making opportunities without paying for overheads or inventory.

The process involved is quite simple: you upload the designs, and then select colors and types of a T-shirt to be printed. After receiving orders for a particular design, Amazon Merch prints, ships and manages customer service for you.

While the registration and listing fee per product is 15%, these and the printing costs for each T-shirt are charged to Merch only after you make a sale, so you do not have to pay these costs before selling a product. Once a T-shirt is sold (at a fixed price) Merch will deduct its charges and pay you a royalty per sale.


23. Vending Machines

vending machine business

If you are looking for a business opportunity that does not require any training or special skills, can be carried out part-time or at home and can involve your whole family, investing in vending machines is probably the best alternative for you.

You have to buy one or more vending machines at the start if you don’t franchise or buy an existing, already established vending machines business. You will have to decide beforehand which products you want to sell, along with the machine types you would need.

In order to create a good business, finding and selling at the right locations is essential. Having multiple locations, keeping the machines stocked and clean, and maximizing the net margins of your inventory will be crucial to your vending business.

You can generally expect earning a passive income of a few hundred dollars per machine every month, with start-up costs of several thousand dollars for each machine.


24. Buy Royalties

royalties types

Royalties are payments to property owners of different types for the use of their property. Royalties generally cover intellectual property rights payments such as patents, copyrights and trademarks. Investors always seek for ways to safeguard their money, while markets for stocks and bonds may be unpredictable.

For this reason, many are looking to diversify in alternative investments. Royalty is a great choice. IP owners are paid whenever anyone uses their works. They create their asset once to later collect payments repeatedly.

The royalty owner auctions his/her work with a minimum offer he/she accepts. Once royalties are acquired, the organization(s) that pay for them, deposit them in a trustee escrow account, paying them out every quarter or six months. Buyers have a dashboard where their purchases and revenues can be tracked.

How business owners manage their businesses guarantees investors a certain percentage of their revenues over a period-by refunding the advance and then paying them interest. Most deals are generally run at between 2% and 6% of the increase in revenue.



As you see, a passive income can be earned in many different ways. We hope that our list helps you determine which revenue source is the best one for you. You can generate a passive income, irrespective of whether you are investing a small capital, millions of dollars, your spare time or just a spark of innovation. While they may take money and time to start, the moneymaking opportunities on this list can still make you cash long after you’ve done the initial investments.

Now you can go ahead and decide what you are working with: set your financial objectives to decide just how much money, time and effort you are prepared to invest into a passive income idea.

You can thrive on passive incomes whether you decide to invest into a pre-established business, outsource a business, or receive payments for your daily efforts and routines.

Passive incomes can really help increase your income and fill the gaps that a 9-5 job can’t. You can use the 24 passive income ideas on this list to help your investments or if you are looking to replace or even quit (pair it with) your 9-5 job.

So, if you’re tired of all traditional ways to make money, you can instead implement some of our passive income ideas that would let you work less and make you more money even while you sleep.


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