Small Investment Business Ideas

12 Small Investment Business Ideas Start $1000 Or Less

Many people today want to leave their grind over something that sustains their passion every day. At 60, people don’t want to retire to see life and think they have lost it.

Fortunately, it is easier to begin a business from scratch without a fortune. Below, you can start today and cheaply, these 12 business ideas for less than $1000.

Some of the ideas listed require only internet connection, others require some license level … The choice is yours!

Not all business ideas need a lot of capital to be started. Some may start with $1,000 or a lesser investment. You can start your business with these 12 low cost business ideas for less than 1,000 dollars if you have only $250-$1,000:

Low Cost Business Ideas:


Pet Grooming Business

1. Pet Grooming

This is of the most popular low cost business ideas today. With Facebook and Instagram, people appreciate their pets even more. Instagram and Facebook grooming animal videos are viral, and we want our animals to look great. A business can be set up around this.

Startup costs:

Inventory for Grooming- $500
Cost for the Store- $200 (you may also use your home instead of renting)
Ads on Craigslist and Facebook and- $250
Total = $950


Jewelry Maker/Designer Business

2. Jewelry Maker/Designer

Design and sell your own Etsy or Shopify jewelry. The gems may not be made of silver or gold. You may design one from cheap gems as well.

Startup costs:

Items on hand – The price depends on the amount of raw material you buy. I don’t recommend an inventory greater than $500. Once you receive the order, you may use Toyota’s Just-in-time method of buying the raw material.

$50 for a Website
Facebook and Instagram Ads – $250
Professional Photos of the Products – $150
Total = $950


3. Photographer

Among all low cost business ideas, becoming a marriage photographer is one of the most lucrative options; for just one wedding you can earn $1,000. To learn more about the angles and the light, follow some Instagram photographers.

Startup costs:

A camera (DSLR) – $500
Lens + Gears – $300
Software for Photo editing – $25/month
Photography/Photoshop Books – $100
Total = $925


Drone Aerial Videography and Photography

4. Drone Aerial Videography and Photography

Many people searching to create a business for less than $1000 buy a drone to take aerial pictures for others. The real estate agents are your main customers. The epic shot for a video, wedding or professional event has become a reality for individuals who don’t need to shoot from a helicopter thanks to the drones’ power. Not everybody wants to purchase a drone, however, unless they think about using it more frequently than once or every six months. In some areas, it can be equally painful for many to do so themselves with the current drone use regulations.

Startup costs:

Buying a drone – $200
Buying the camera which fits into the drone – $400
Video and photo editing software – $50/month
Instagram and Facebook Ads – $250
Total = $900


Independent manager on Social Media Platforms

5. Independent manager on Social Media Platforms

For those looking for small business ideas, social media remains to be an important platform for everyone to reach new customers and their current customers alike. People spend hours of every day using social media, even worldwide, and companies spend billions to get attention.

Startup costs:

Software for social media management= $150 a month.
PC = $500
A Business License = $150
Total = $800


Niche VA (Virtual Assistant) Business

6. Niche VA (Virtual Assistant) Business

We know about many VA low cost business ideas, such as the 24/7 VA, Belay and Worldwide101, to mention a few. We’ve heard a few friends complaining about the niche assistants available, though, haven’t we? While, for example, a virtual assistant with good financial terminology is wanted in the financial sector.

Startup costs:

Website = $50 if you’ve created one on your own. Everything you need buying will be the domain name and the hosting service. You might spend up to $500 in case you’ve got somebody else to customize and design it.
Online Advertisements = $250
A Business License = $150 (depending on where you reside; however, this will definitely cover it)
Total = $465 to $950


Antique Dealer

7. Antique Dealer

For people looking for more extravagant small business ideas, this is one of the top-on-trends right now. In a shopping center and antique events, you can also invest your cash in antique items. Some old shopping centers generally charge a flat or a monthly rate. Others, especially when they sell online, can take a small sales percentage.

Startup costs:

Stock-based inventory – I think you won’t exceed $500.
Ads on Instagram and Facebook- $250
Total = $750


Selling on Ebay and Amazon

8. Selling on Ebay and Amazon

A great percentage of all people who want to create a business for less than $1000 buy wholesale and then sell it to Amazon and eBay. It may be anything, however make sure you don’t sell popular products such as telephones and electronics, so you’re not lost in the process.

Startup costs:

The inventory is heavily dependent on what you sell. I’d say you can take the Just-in-Time items on hand from Toyota, which means you can only buy it at the wholesale price once you have gotten the order. I still give this a price of $500.

SEO Books about eBay and Amazon Selling – $50
Professional Photos of the Products- $100
Total = $650


Life Coach

9. Life Coach

Work as a life expert coach and help others live happy and quiet lives. Perhaps before being able to guide others, you want peace and happiness yourself.

Startup costs:

Life Coaching Books – $50
Psychological Books of understanding people’s complications – $50
Craigslist and Facebook Ads – $250
A Promotional Website – $50
Total = $400


Instagram Influencer Consultant & Ads

10. Instagram Influencer Consultant & Ads

Instagram is much more popular than Snapchat and Facebook. With this increase in users, companies can easily market their services and products. And a lot of their ads are now dedicated to marketing.

Startup costs:

A Website = $150
Business licenses = $150
$50 for Business cards
Total = $350


Fashion Stylist

11. Fashion Stylist

If you want to be a clothes designer or if you have an excellent sense of chic small business ideas, enter this field. For rich people that do not like shopping or do not have the time to shop, there’s a huge market. They hire others to buy clothing. You could be one.

Startup costs:

Subscribe to fashion magazines and stay updated – $50
Ads on Craigslist and Facebook- $250
Total = $300


Coffee Cart

12: Coffee Cart

This is the last in our business for less than $1000 list, but not the least important or lucrative. In the busy center of the city, you can open a coffee service cart. In the beginning you have to serve the cafés, but after making enough money you can hire someone to operate the cart.

Startup costs:

Coffee Cart Renting – $100/month
$100 for Coffee beans
Books on commercial coffee-making – $50
Total = $250 to 400


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Leaving your 9-5 job and starting a new business may appear intimidating. However, you give yourself a new degree of freedom by doing something which feeds your passion. You can build on your skills or even learn more and more from the Internet, so you can start your business easily and cost-effectively.